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Jessica Lammers, BCBA

Ashley Malone, BCBA

ABA of Tampa Bay was founded in 2009 by David Shaw, M.S. BCBA. David was working with military families and children diagnosed with autism at MacDill Airforce Base. By word of mouth, it spread quickly as a result of the progress being made by each child. Our team has grown steadily since then, and we are proud to continue to work primarily with military families throughout the Tampa Bay area.

- David Shaw, BCBA; Founder and CEO          - Myklaina Pierre-Louis, BCBA; Clinical Director

- Deborah Brinkman, BCBA                               - Stephanie Almendarez, BCBA

- Jill Campisciano, BCBA                                   - Adam Wilde, BCBA

- Logan Kienholz, BCBA                                    - Kim Gonzalez, BCBA

Toby Hartranft, BCBA                                      - Gabriella Clementel, RBT

- Grace Jones, RBT​                                           - John Khalil, RBT